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Spring Dollar Tree DIY: 1/6 Scale Doll Decor

Here’s another fun Dollar Tree DIY, Spring Edition. These items are super cute and can definitely be styled to suit your specific tastes!

Spring Wreath

The DT Goods

The How To

The base of the wreath is the newer jute twine that has wire in it. It can be shaped and twisted together. You will want to select your favorite faux flowers and foliage (the ones I selected are all from DT).

Plug in that glue gun and start placing your flora.

Wall Hanging Vases

The DT Goods

The How To

Start off with a few different sized popsicle sticks and a cereal box (literally my favorite craft components)!

After you’ve painted the wall mount, it’s time to add the vase and flowers. Using a zip tie is a great way to attach the mini vases.

You can make as many of these as you’d like for your display.

Table Scape

The DT Goods

The How To

We hope you enjoyed these items! You can always mixed these items up to fit your style! Happy Spring!

Until next time!


Rie & Bruni

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