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Doll Diorama: Palm Springs Summer Pool Party

This Summer my friend Lisa of @tinypalmsprings hosted a pool party each weekend! I knew I wanted to join in, but of course I wanted to go in big! I had seen an amazing pool scene on Pinterest that I have been saving for a few years. I finally created my version and I went all in! I’m so happy with how it turned out and how the whole weekend played out! Check out all of the photos from Instagram in once place here!

The mini’s (Bruni & Rie) arrived in Palm Springs with the rest of the girls. Lisa recommended an amazing hotel for the ladies to stay in. It had all of the perfect touches you would expect!

The girl’s get their first look at the pool area and are so excited to spend the next few days there!

Mini Lisa (@tinypalmsprings) stopped by to say “Hi” and invite Bruni over to Mrs. Silkstone’s Estate for a visit. Later the girls had lunch and refreshments.

Saturday evening the girls had a beautiful cocktail party around the pool. Lisa returned for the libations and company.

On Sunday, the girls settled back in at the pool while Bruni got dressed for her visit to the Silkstone Estate! She was so excited to meet her and see the fabulous home! Meanwhile the other girls enjoyed their last day at the pool.

Head over to @tinypalmsprings to check out Bruniโ€™s visit to the Silkstone Estate.

Behind the Scenes

When I said I went big, this diorama is roughly 40″ X 30″ with the backdrops being 30″ tall. I originally planned to set this up on my patio for photos, but the weather was not cooperating. I instead set it up in part of my living room on 2 folding 3X6 folding tables. With 3 sources of light, I was able to get bright outdoor like lighting!

I wanted an illuminated pool for the evening scenes, but was unsure how to create that mood. I had purchased these balloon lights months ago! I was unsure if they would work in water, so I tested it out in a Pyrex measuring cup. Nothing happened, so I went for it in the real pool! The lights are still on several days later! I love the effect they gave! If you are interested in purchasing these, here is a link to my Amazon Store (I do make a small commission on these items).

I hope you enjoyed this series! It was a lot of fun to put together, but trust me it was a lot of work!

Keep Creating Friends!

XO, Rie & Bruni

14 thoughts on “Doll Diorama: Palm Springs Summer Pool Party”

  1. OMGoodness what a great project, and your dolls all look adorable. Totally authentic and love the color scheme and fabrics. Great job…and I LOVE when ‘behind the scenes’ are shown. I can’t get over how super your hedges work. Excellent. Very fun post, Sandi

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  2. Hi, great job, it looks amazing, thanks for sharing!
    If you like doll stories you might want to check out Plasticpixels on youtube she does cute Barbie story, just suggesting not promoting. I like it ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. This is spectacular! Thanks for the link to the lights. Did you happen to make the striped cabana tent from a vintage Barbie pattern? Could you share how you made the striped chair cushions? Thanks!

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    1. Thank you! No, I just made the cabana from scratch. As for the cushions, I hot glued the fabric to 3-4 layers of foam board and then covered a 3/4โ€ strip of poster board with the fabric then glued it around the edges. ๐Ÿ˜Š


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