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Doll Street Signs

Barbie Street Sign

For those that love to create realistic dioramas, exterior scenes are a must. In our row of shops we added a sidewalk and items you would see on the average street including street signs! Read on to find out how we made ours:

the bits & pieces


Here’s what you need:

  • 2 Wooden dowels – 3/8″ X 12″
  • Silver and black arcylic craft paint
  • 2 Metal Fender washers – 5/16″ X 1-1/2″
  • 2 Hex nuts – coarse 3/8-16″
  • 2 Lock nuts – 3/8-16″
  • street sign from Google images
  • Card stock
  • Tape or self laminating sheets
  • scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Craft glue

the steps

The first thing we did was hot glue the Hex nuts to the washers. We set that aside and moved on to painting the dowels a weathered metal.


Mix the black and silver paint to the desired weathered pewter color. Take a look at a nearby street sign if you want some real life inspiration.



We painted the dowels in two parts so that we wouldn’t get paint all over our hands. It’s always good to have some type of cup or container to hold items while they dry.


While the dowels were drying, we printed the desired street sign on card stock. In this case, we made 2 standing signs so we printed four street signs so that both sides would be legible.


Trim the printed signs down with scissors.


Next stick the card stock street sign to your self-laminating sheet or place clear packing tape over the signs.


Next trim down the signs along the outline.


Next we glued the edges of each of the reverse sides of the signs on the outer edges. This is so that we will be able to slip the signs onto the dowels later.



Once the glue is dried, you can test the fit on a dowel. Here we tested on an extra one. Once satisfied with the fit, set these aside for now.


Back to the dowels and the washer/bolt combo. You should be able to just slip or twist the dowel down into the bolt. Test it out first to see how snug it is, then add a drop of glue if necessary.



Now to the top of the sign. Take the Lock nut and screw it onto the top of the dowel. You will want to screw it down about an inch so that the sign will slip down onto it without the top showing.




Once all of that fits nicely, you have a perfect street sign for your exterior scenes!


With these steps you can make many other street signs, like stop signs and directional signs. I hope you all have fun with this!

A la prochaine!


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