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Tarabelle: OOAK Stacey/Skipper Hybrid


Every now and then, when we have content we want to share with you, we will be posting a mid-week Pop Up Post. After a challenging journey to get it right with Bruni’s youngest sister Tarabelle, I’ve finally settled on the right configuration. This week is a little photo fashion shoot with my hybrid Stacey/Skipper doll.

I have been using a classic Stacey doll for Bruni’s youngest sister Tarabelle, or “Belle” (her third and final name), but have not been satisfied with her because finding cute clothes for her has been really difficult. I first swapped her head with another Stacey body with articulated legs thinking that would satisfy me, but she was still just too small to dress the way I wanted to. I wanted her to look a little bit more grown up (around 13 year old), but love the face-up on my original doll. I feel like the other Stacey dolls I have just look too cartoony.  I then thought I might swap her out for the new strawberry blond babysitter Skipper doll, but she just wasn’t doing it for me either. It took me a little bit to get used to her on the Skipper sized doll (articulated skateboarder), but I love it now.


Belle with her adorable freckles and newly pierced ears.

I wanted Belle to have a sweet, but fashionable style that a fashion-crazed thirteen year-old might have (after all, her older sisters are total fashionistas). Her wardrobe consists of some Skipper clothes, MC2 doll clothes, petite Fashionista clothes, and some regular sized Barbie clothes. She loves black & white, and pastels. She’s a little sporty, but sophisticated too!

fashion shoot








It’s so great to have her come a bit more to life and have a fun and cute wardrobe! I am totally satisfied now! I hope you like her looks and get some ideas to mix and match your dolls and clothes as well.

behind the scenes


Thank you so much for coming by! We hope to see you back here on Sunday for some sewing tips!

A la prochaine

Rie & Bruni



3 thoughts on “Tarabelle: OOAK Stacey/Skipper Hybrid”

  1. This addresses a question I have had recently regarding Skipper dolls. Do they still make Skipper clothes? I did discover last week that the petite clothes fit her well and that the numerous cropped tops Mattel makes for Barbie fit her nicely too. I had been by passing many of the single little character tops because they just weren’t my Lily’s style. Upon discovering that they fit Skipper I had to make a run to Wal-Mart. All those character tops are perfect for Skipper. Got her that super cute Toy Story pink dress too! However, I don’t want her style to be all tee shirts and random bottoms. I do have some old Skipper clothes that are going to giver her a Stranger Things Season 3 vibe. But I’d love to find some more modern pieces that are of a more modest teen style meant for Skipper. Thanks!

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