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Valentine’s Day Pageant


Bruni with her festive bunch of DIY balloons.

The girls are putting on a Valentine’s Day pageant! I thought it would be fun to put together a whimsical theater type set of a park in Paris. I was inspired to put together crafts that were made with Dollar Tree items only for this holiday. I hope you enjoy this idea look book and a few easy DIY’s!


Bruni wearing her make-shift beret out of a small sheet of felt. Her fashions are homemade accessoried with fashion pack items.


Rochelle on a brisk walk through the park with her “poodle!” She’s wearing a vintage 90’s Valentine’s Day outfit.


Rochelle is so beautiful with her side glance!


The girls are waiting for the boys at a bistro set made from pre-died popsicle sticks and red wire. The bouquet of roses and box of chocolates were highlighted on my Instagram last year.


Isabelle is lovely in her handmade scarf dress! 


Enjoying her heart shaped DIY lollipop!


Estelle rocking her handmade graphic heart sock dress and lollipop.


Happy Valentine’s Day from Paris!

Dollar Tree haul


You just never know what you might want or need when embarking on a craft adventure. I basically bought everything in site!

the backdrop

I had the idea of creating a fun backdrop that appeared home made, perhaps by a young theater set crew. I wanted to incorporate drawings, solid bright colors, and of course, a whimsical feel. You just really never know what you might come up with.  I started by laying everything out on poster board and trying different placements. You can really create anything that you like! Just go with the flow!

the balloons

I used a combination of the pre-picked hearts you can find at the Dollar Tree, a heart garland, and some Easter eggs and wire. I used some of the picks from the extra hearts and used the wire for strings for the egg shapes.

Once I had my bunch, I wrapped them with clear elastic bands found in the hair section (you know the ones we all have for our doll hair).

the lollipops

This was a simple accessory that can be made with the heart table scatter, flat toothpicks, white nail polish and some E6000. The E6000 was the only item I used from my existing supplies. I painted the toothpicks with the nail polish and glued them onto the heart shapes.

I know I didn’t go into as much detail as I often do, so if there is an item you would like me to go into more detail with, please let me know!

Thank you as always for coming by and Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope you got some inspiration and have fun with your own love themed crafts! Until next time!

A la prochaine

Rie & Bruni


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