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Miniature Champagne Flutes

DIY Miniature Champagne Flutes

Every celebration needs a bucket of bubbly, but without champagne flutes, it’s simply not a party! While planning the Rouge Salon opening (check out Instagram for more photos), I realized we didn’t have any glasses appropriate for the event, so it was time to rummage through the craft supplies and figure out a DIY project! Here’s how we made them:

the bits & pieces

DIY Miniature Champagne Flutes

Here’s what you will need:

  • Clear tips from mechanical pencils or pens
  • Eye pins
  • Silver beads (or any decorative bead or crystal)
  • Earring backs with clear plastic discs
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wire cutters

the steps

The first step is to feed the eye pin through the earring back so that the disc is flush with your table surface. Next thread your beads onto the eye pin.

DIY Miniature Champagne Flutes

Clip the eye pin using your wire cutters about 1/4″ above the top of the beads.

DIY Miniature Champagne Flutes

Next, thread the pencil tip onto the eye pin to test for fit and to see if it at the right length.

DIY Champagne Miniature Flutes

Once satisfied with the length of the eye pin, dab a touch of hot glue on the end. Place the pencil tip back onto the eye pin and push it down to the top of the beads.

DIY Miniature Champagne Flutes

Make sure it’s secure. You can always put a little bit of glue into the flute if you have a fine glue tip (E6000 always works great).

DIY Miniature Champagne Flutes

That’s all! You now have some beautiful champagne flutes for your dolls to toast and clink cheers with!

DIY Miniature Champagne Flutes

Cin Cin!

A la prochaine!


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