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DIY Sweet Shop Transformation


Thank you so much for following along in our transformation journey with the Glitter Girls Sweet Shop (found here on Amazon). I am thrilled with where it ended up and I have had a lot of fun taking photos. This whole project evolved as it went along. I originally only intended to paint the blue trim portions of the exterior and then work with what they already created, but it certainly morphed into a total transformation.

Instead of sharing more still photos, I wanted to try something a little different and put together a photo video of some of the project process. For details on the decorative items you can check out our IGTV video on Instagram, this video focuses more on the structure transformation. Hope you enjoy!

The Interior Details


Several of the glass candy jars and containers can be found in the Glassware post previously published.







Some of my favorites shots from my photoshoots.








Thank you!


As always, thank you so much for following along with our far-fetched ideas and in our adventures in crafting! Until next time!


Rie & Bruni


8 thoughts on “DIY Sweet Shop Transformation”

  1. I just found your blog and I am in awe of your wonderful transformation! I am trying REALLY hard not to go to Amazon and buy this sweet shop! Thanks for documenting your processes! You are amazing!

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  2. Hi,

    May I know where did you get those candy jars with the aluminum caps (The lowest shelf in the middile part of the shop)?
    And what size are they, please?

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  3. I just discovered your blog and love everything you make 🙂 Wonderful shop! Love your use of colors and materials; I am tempted to to buy the plastic toy and transform it but I usually make the dollhouses myself too from scratch. At the moment I am making 1:24 roomboxes ,but I made a complete Science Fiction Space station for my barbies when I was 12. Since that was long before all the craftmaterial-shops and cheap shops I confiscated everything I could find in my parents house which I could use like the Easter clear plastic ball formed packiging to use as a spacehelm. (I am now 50 LOL and still love miniatures )

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you found the blog! It really is so fun to make things! I love that you scavenged around to make things! I still love recycling and repurposing items! PS. I’m almost 50! 😉💗


  4. I found a used sweet shop on eBay and it arrived today. I need some advice. 1. How did you remove the flamingo from the wall? 2. Did you remove the striped wallpaper or just paint over it? Any help is appreciated!

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    1. That’s exciting! I believe I just popped the flamingo off. I decorated over the remaining frame parts. I used scrapbook paper to wallpaper over the existing paper. The video shows a bit of that!


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