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Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Doll Lover/Crafter – Amazon


I thought it would be fun to put together a little list of last minute items you might want to have someone pick up for you and your Doll Hobby. I think there is a little something for any type of collector.

1. For the Fashion Diva, this Cora Gu Red Gown is stunning for the holiday! I have not personally ordered from this seller yet, but their reviews are positive.

2. I love a good coffee table or reference book, so this Barbie Forever book is a must have!

3. As you venture into more elaborate diorama’s and furniture, some simple tools can really help you make things look professional. A Miter Saw & Box are a must!

4. I can’t say enough about Nail Embellishments for sprucing up your plastic shoes and accessories.

5. If you are just starting out, a combo Paint Kit could really help you build up some of your color selection. It’s not always possible to get to the craft store to select all of your colors individually.

6. A Precision Glue Gun has simply become a must with working on tiny projects. It’s an affordable item to add to your tool box!

7. I’m pretty new and still a bit apprehensive about repaints, but having a set of Water Colour Pencils helps me dip my toe into the water so to speak.  I also really love these Pastel Sets (forgot to pop this in the big photo), it’s like using makeup for shading, etc.

8. I love these nail decorating kits for any kind of fashion and accessory customizing. Your only limit is your imagination! The great thing about this Full Nail Kit is all of the brushes and tools that come with it!

9. As I’ve been getting back into sewing again, I simply can’t live without this Mini Iron! I’ve shared it in the past, but man it’s so great for those tiny collars and cuffs!

10. If you’ve ever watched a customizing video or researched repaints, you know about Mr. Super Clear. It’s a bit pricey, so what a great little present from someone else!

11. This Rotary Tool Kit is a nice alternative to a more expensive Dremel Kit. What I love about these kits are that they are made to work on small items (and not just finger nails)!

12. If you like to travel with your dolls to do remote photoshoots or go to conventions, I think this “made for scrapbooking” Travel Bag could really fit the bill. Spacious and has nice pocket storage!

13. When you are in a pinch and don’t have great lighting or can’t set up your light kit, these iPhone Clip-on Ring Lights are great!

14. The ever popular Kitchen Set that is just waiting for a custom transformation!

15. This classic Barbie Closet is a perfect gift for a younger collector or for the seasoned collector. You know we all buy these because we can’t miss out on ANY fashions! UPDATE: This is no longer at the original price, might be less expensive at major retailers like Target & Walmart.

For other items I recommend for our hobby be sure to check out our Amazon Store!

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season! I hope to be back with more DIY’s and fun posts in the New Year!


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