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Last Year’s Design Challenge


This week is all about you and your creativity! Last year we held Bruni’s first Design Challenge where we challenged our Instagram followers to create a diorama based on a real life room design. Here were the rooms entrants could recreate:

Source: Pinterest


We had so many amazing entrants that we ended up choosing 4 challenge winners. Here they are:



For more of their amazing creativity you can check out their Instagram accounts here:





Last year’s design challenge was so fun on so many levels. I got to meet some great people, it gave us a chance to challenge you in new ways and for participants to stretch their creativity. I am constantly inspired by real life and I love to browse Pinterest and design magazines, so the idea of recreating an inspirational real life room in one-sixth scale greatly appeals to me. In fact, I am currently working on one (it’s a design challenge to myself and Bruni)!

If you missed it last year, check out #brunisdesignchallenge on Instagram and you can see the full challenge play itself out. Basically I chose 5 real life designer rooms that I thought had elements that were available in one-sixth scale or were something that could be created. I am always pushing my craft boundaries so I wanted to see what you all could do.

Here is a recap of the inspiration rooms and the entries for each room:

Option 1

A modern girly office space…


Option 2

A cozy and breezy bohemian lounge…



Option 3

A girly and fresh living space…


Option 4

A seaside retreat…


Option 5

A modern and urban living space…


Thank you to everyone who participated last year, you all did such a wonderful job! I loved watching the process and of course seeing the end results. Please visit the hashtag #brunisdesignchallenge to check out everything for yourself!

I often get questions about holding another design challenge and I keep saying it’s possible, but no commitment to a specific date. Well….I am excited to announce that we will be having another design challenge! I will be announcing the details and presenting the inspiration rooms next week here on the blog!

As always, thank you for stopping by. We hope each visit inspires you in even the smallest way! Please be sure to Follow us to receive notifications of when we have new posts! Until next time…

A la prochaine

Rie & Bruni



6 thoughts on “Last Year’s Design Challenge”

  1. Last year’s design challenge was an amazing idea and lots of fun. Hopefully, I will join this year, too. I’ll make it priority to save time for it, because it’s really worth it. Greetings from Germany 😊

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  2. Last year I almost didn’t even join until I told my husband about it and he said I think you could do it! With the confidence of my family behind me I set to work. It truly was a challenge but I’m so glad I did it. It was so much fun and I am excited about this year’s!
    Thank U thank U thank U! 💗

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