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Our new 1/6 scale kitchen!

We built a new kitchen! I wanted to share all of the photos in one place and also to share them with my blog followers who are not on Instagram!

Kitchen Tour

Click on the photos below to view in a slideshow.

I built this kitchen in a 24 X 36 inch Home Depot shelf unit . The walls are constructed with 1/2 inch foam core board and the floors are large paint stir crafts sticks. I build out all of my cabinets using high quality foam core board and cover them in 1/16 inch craft wood and trim.

Mini Rie checking out the new coffee corner.

The Appliances

Click on the photos below to view in a slideshow.

All of the appliances are hand made with the exception of the fridge. The fridge is the only item I ended up repurposing from our old kitchen. The appliances are open and are semi functional! The gem of the appliances is definitely the miniature replica of the La Cornue oven . That project basically sparked the inspiration to create an entirely new kitchen for the minis.

Mini Rie checking out the new upholstered bar stools.
The girls checking out the new banquet and hand stained dining table.

The Kitchen in Action

We hope you love our kitchen! This is a project that I am really proud of and look forward to photographing it a lot in the future…after all the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Thank you for visiting! As always, we hope we offered a little inspiration and keep on creating!


Rie & Bruni

17 thoughts on “Our new 1/6 scale kitchen!”

    1. Thank you! I found a chair on Wayfair and sketched out a pattern. The legs are real wood and I carved the legs a bit. You can get some great doll upholstery tips on Poppyseedmini’s YouTube channel. Check out the Sofia chair tutorial. 😊


    1. The legs on the table are a Darice product – candlesticks. The bench uses legs from the hardware store. Smaller hardware stores have selections of small spindles. Depending where you are, I’ve heard Menard’s (sp?) sells them. The stools are just craft wood I carved a bit. 😊


    1. Hi, I have an Etsy shop, but I’m currently low on inventory and working on new items. I don’t sell anything as large as kitchen sets, mainly furniture and accessories. 😊


    1. No, I do not, this was a personal project. I don’t plan on making these items as the time and labor was extreme. I am not taking custom requests at this time. If I could do this full time it would be a different story.


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