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DIY: $10 Dollar Tree Doll Challenge

When our good dollfriend @thedauhlhouse threw out the idea of a Dollar Tree Design Challenge, I jumped at the chance. This is so up my alley or my jam or whatever cliche phrase I could think of. I gathered ALL of my Dollar Tree supplies and carefully sorted and brainstormed with the goods before picking the direction I wanted to go. I had a break through and decided to go all out…Bougee and Extra and I LOVE it! Hope you do too:

Craft Supplies

These are my $10.00 worth of items.

Additional Supplies 

The extras.

*I’m going to stick to a pictorial review of these crafts and not narrate them as I have in the past.*

Console Table


Decorative Items


Framed Art

Floral Arrangement

Swan Compotes


I hope you were inspired to try a challenge like this too! It’s a lot of fun and it really expands your creativity. It sparked me to want to do several design vignette’s with varying design styles. Stay tuned for that later. In the meantime check out the other participants creations:








Rie & Bruni


6 thoughts on “DIY: $10 Dollar Tree Doll Challenge”

  1. A tip from a 1940s dollhouse book to keep those beads in alignment when you are making furniture legs – slide them onto pipe cleaners cut 1/4 inch shorter than the desired finished length of the leg (so they stay hidden).

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