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Dollar Tree DIY Summer Doll Rooms

My newest series is a challenge to create a new room style made 100% out of Dollar Tree Items…the only exception is glue, paint, and the occasional cereal box. Each month I’ve selected a new room style/theme and then record a video tour showing the items I used to create the room. The videos can be seen on Instagram (links below). Each quarter I will post these rooms in a recap here on a the blog. Check out the current rooms below and stay tuned for more each quarter!

Glam Room

The first room in my Dollar Tree series was the Glam room closet and dressing room. This room is the ultimate fashion doll haven for all of their clothing, accessories, and makeup.

Head over to my Instagram to check out the detailed video tour.

Classic Boho Loft Living Room

This room was inspired by designer Justina Blakenley/ Jungalow. Classic boho style is colorful, eclectic, and welcoming with lots of lush plants.

Head over to my Instagram to check out the detailed video tour.

MCM Living Room

Everyone loves Mid Century Modern these days, so we had to include a room in the series. This was probably the hardest room to put together, but I prevailed! MCM has fun colors and funky shapes, it just makes you happy!

Head over to my Instagram to check out the detailed video tour.

Boho Minimalist Bedroom

For the neutral lover, we have scaled things back a bit and created a calming bedroom full of texture and warmth.

Head over to my Instagram to check out the detailed video tour.

During the Fall Series we will have a variety of rooms starting next week on September 15th. Be sure to check Instagram for a first hand look. September will be an Industrial Library, October will include a Farmhouse Modern Dining Room, a Gothic Bedroom (I think – a bonus), and a Rustic living room in November.

This series is so fun and I hope that it inspires you to look at things differently when shopping at the Dollar Tree or anywhere else.

Keep Creating!


Rie & Bruni

8 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY Summer Doll Rooms”

  1. Your rooms are absolutely adorable. I know I pore over every aisle at Dollar Tree and a few more store. It takes me over an hour to walk through a Michaels or a hardware store. Such great ideas—the winner for reuse for was the badminton birdie lampshade…Really a great post, I’m not an instagram user so please keep posting here…So cute! Sandi

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I don’t have a Michael’s near me, but when I get a chance to go it so fun! I adore scouring the hardware store as well! I have an older post in fun finds from the hardware store! 😊


    1. Thank you! I may have explained more in the Instagram tour I posted around this same time. If you are referring to the yarn items, I made a loom based on a few YouTube tutorials and went from there. It’s pretty simple, you can even make one using cardboard.


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