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DIY: Dollar Tree Design – Farmhouse


I was so inspired by the last challenge that @thedauhlhouse hosted that I started thinking about doing several design vignettes for $10.00 (all from items purchased at the Dollar Tree). This is the second in the series with a Farmhouse Style. Check it out!

Rosanna Baines proudly shows off her Dining Room wall decor.

Here are the Dollar Tree items I used ($10):


Notes: The black packaged items are Checkers from their sets, so you actually get a board and a set of red ones too. The buckets came in sets of 3 originally, we use 2 in this vignette.

The extras:


A few decorative items I added to finish the look.

The DIY’s

Disclaimer: Always use adult supervision when using sharp or hot items.

Shelving Unit

I tried to pick out the most rustic looking popsicle sticks since that was the look I was going for.

Drybrush the entire shelf for that chippy old look.



Toy Furniture pieces

I’d like to give credit to a great creator who inspired me to think about these toy sets in a new way…@barbie_scene (check her out on Instagram).

Crate & Shelf Display

Mini Chair


Step Stool

Art work

I went on Pinterest for some inspiration and free-handed these signs.

Windmill Blades

These are the backs of the picture frames!

Two-tier tray

Enamel cake plate


Tiny house

Mini crates


White Apples

I played around with keeping the apples red and natural, but they were just too bright, so I painted them white to seem like chalkware apples.


Baby shoes

Gotta have some vintage baby shoes in a Farmhouse scene!



Enamel Buckets

Phew! I honestly didn’t realize I made so many individual items for this display! I hope you took at least one item away from this post! And thanks for making it all the way through! A few more of these $10.00 challenges are ahead, so check back here or on Instagram!


Rie & Bruni


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