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Tarabelle: OOAK Stacey/Skipper Hybrid


Every now and then, when we have content we want to share with you, we will be posting a mid-week Pop Up Post. After a challenging journey to get it right with Bruni’s youngest sister Tarabelle, I’ve finally settled on the right configuration. This week is a little photo fashion shoot with my hybrid Stacey/Skipper doll.

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Miniature Nail Polish Display

Miniature Nail Polish Display

Every nail enthusiast will love this project! It was a serious hit on my Instagram when I posted it. I almost didn’t post it because I didn’t think anything of it. It was just another component of my over all salon diorama project. I was inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest and gave it my own spin. This isn’t a complete how-to, but I will share some of the key components of this craft project.

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Miniature Champagne Flutes

DIY Miniature Champagne Flutes

Every celebration needs a bucket of bubbly, but without champagne flutes, it’s simply not a party! While planning the Rouge Salon opening (check out Instagram for more photos), I realized we didn’t have any glasses appropriate for the event, so it was time to rummage through the craft supplies and figure out a DIY project! Here’s how we made them:

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Welcome to Bruni’s World

Bruni's World -- A Barbie Lifestyle Blog

Welcome to Brunbellebarbie, Bruni’s World — A Doll LifeStyle blog! Here at Brunbellebarbie we love beautiful things whether it be interior design, fashion, or accessories. We strive for fashion dolls to have access to all of the same amazing items our human keepers have in their homes and closets. Because most people are on a budget or trying to save on these usually expensive purchases, we love to create, craft and sew our items.

Over this journey we will share great DIY projects, crafting tips, photos of fun and inspirational projects, and the occasional story line with Bruni and her friends and family.

Please join us in our adventures in fun, interior design, crafting, and fashion design.

Thank you for stopping by, please come back any time!