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Wood Crafts for Dolls


If you have been following us for a while on Instagram, you know I absolutely love to craft with wood. Give me some glue and Popsicle sticks and I can keep busy for hours. I am a problem solver, so a lot of my creations just evolve as I glue pieces of wood together, that is also why it is hard for me to prepare tutorials while I am working on something, but I will do my best to give you some great pointers and resources!

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Bruni’s Spring Design Challenge


Welcome to this year’s Design Challenge!! What better day to kick off a Spring Challenge than the first day of Daylight Savings!?! Here in California it definitely feels like the unofficial start of Spring even though we are expecting rain showers this week. What will you do with another hour of daylight?

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Doll Style: Designer Shoe Dupes


Designer shoes for everyone! Eva, Rooney, Simone, Bruni, Estelle, and Kensee

We have been working on customizing a lot of different accessories, this time it’s all about creating our very own designer doll shoe dupes! There are a lot of styles that have come out recently and in the past that can be customized to add some luxe style to your doll fashions. Read on for some fun ideas!

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Doll Style: Custom Accessories


Eva & Simone modeling their chic custom accessories.

Mattel has really pulled through with on trend accessories, but many times the colors are still a little off for the true Fashionista! Personally I like items to look as real as possible and bright colors aren’t always what I go to first. This is where customizing comes into play. There are so many ways to give these plastic accessories a more realistic look to complement your favorite outfits.ย In this post, I will be focusing on just adding touches of paint to go from bright to right!

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Valentine’s Day Pageant


Bruni with her festive bunch of DIY balloons.

The girls are putting on a Valentine’s Day pageant! I thought it would be fun to put together a whimsical theater type set of a park in Paris. I was inspired to put together crafts that were made with Dollar Tree items only for this holiday. I hope you enjoy this idea look book and a few easy DIY’s!

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DIY: Doll Charm Bracelets


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, your guys might be looking for the perfect item to give their ladies. Why not make a custom OOAK charm bracelet for your girls? Most pre-made, store bought doll charm bracelets are a fortune or come with fancy sets, but they can be made with a little patience and some items you might even have laying around your house.

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